Sunday, November 27, 2005

In memory of Me

Thanksgiving for me embodies food,yes, but mainly rememberance. Remembering the 'deeds of old that His hand has done' echoing the words of David, the God hearted man. Remembering His involvement, daily salvation, and glorious whispers to me. Truly He has provoked tears of joy and bottled tears of pain this past year. With every growing year so does my understanding and love of His ways grow. Psalm 25 asks the Lord to teach me His ways, not just a distant existance. It is more than knowledge of Him, but it is actually a deepening of experiencing His ways. His ways of loving depsite an unlovable human. His ways of intervening inspite of myself. Oh I love food, but I need His ways more. In fact He told me that I cannot live on bread/good food alone, but must devour the very Word of God with my appetite. So with every morsel of the good food, well great food here at the Ott household, my memory was marked with the Man. The Man who deserves and defines "Thanksgiving". Not just the season, but the lifestyle called "thanksgiving". Interesting, every time we eat and enjoy we are "to do this in rememberance of Me". That Me of God trumps this me in my tummy. I do not want to be mindful of me, but have a mind FULL of Him. Jogging my memory of His greatness and goodness is a running theme of my life, that God started all ago. May I never stop eating, enjoying, remembering, and thanking Jesus Christ simply for who He is!


  1. Wow! What an encoragement! Great way to log God-giving inspiration. I am blessed to read what comes out of the fullness of my daughter's heart!

  2. ashley wilson9:43 AM

    Sarah, this is ashley wilson, brandi's cousin...where are you teaching in b-ham? i have a friend over there that's an awesome woman of God. she'd be a great person for you to meet up with...her name is analyn van brink and she teaches at some private school there. hope your doing well and enjoying teaching. its a hard field to be in.

  3. Julie Rice3:48 PM

    Sarah! This is Julie~ Our feet look great! I love you and miss you so much!