Monday, March 06, 2006

Two's Company

Sometimes the sweetest moments that spark a smile are the smallest surprises that are otherwise overlooked or excused. I was home this weekend with my family. I had gone upstairs to be know, laundry folding, vaccuming, and cleaning the bathroom... the typical critera. I was perched neatly on my knees in front of the dryer surrounded by warm clothes in piles, when my daddy walks up the stairs. I love hearing the movement of people around me. I know I am not alone. We began chatting briefly as we swiftly passed by the "woman's room" where I was folding. Then, as if there was a 6th sense to linger, he stopped and stooped down to me. Without a word, daddy began to fold with me. Unasked, unintentionally uninvited, and unmerited...he just wanted to be with me.The key phrase being "with me".

Things, whether extraordinary or completely average and expected in a given day, take on a surprising and fulfilling element when accomplished "with" another. I then began to teach my dad, who has been my teacher in all life's complexities, the simplicities of properly (according to Martha) folding a T-shirt. He was astonished and adorably amused at the technique and the speed that I was doing his shirts. He wanted to learn. We both were laughing, smiling, and folding those shirts in a matter of seconds. A job that I could do alone and was doing so... just took on a new diminsion. That little unexpected moment in the hallway gave me a smile that went deeper than my face. It was great to teach my teacher something simple yet valuable. It was even more great to see the Teacher in that "two's company" moment. The little normal task became marked with joy that seemed too lofty for such an experience... yet it perfectly folded right into it.

My dad and I proceeded to actually re-organize his entire armoire that night with the new technique that he had never known. It was hilarious! We raced at folding and chuckled at each other. It was a sweet father- daughter bonding moment that milestoned a truth for me. "Two IS better than one" as the Bible states so eloquently. Marriage would not be if it were not but for 2. A child would not be if it were not but for 2. Life is done better and with more fulfillment in EVERY task when it is done by Two. Look for opportunities to be Dependent with, not nessecarily on, someone. Folding laundry and organizing took on a whole new meaning when it was done with my Daddy! Oh that we would not be so pridefully "seperate" and "sufficient" and in turn miss daily surprises that are packaged along with someone. "Enlighten the eyes of my heart, Lord, that I might see You..." (Eph. 1)


  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    precious cousin,
    how sweet are your words and how true...may we grow more towards the dependance God created us for.
    i love you...mag

  2. Anonymous6:37 PM

    So sweet Sarah! I love to get to see photos of the family ;). Love you, Lela