Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Eve of Surprise

Isnt the element of surprise and wonder amazing.. almost magical. Or shall we say supernatural! It is really the eve of the surprise that is so wonderful... the anticipation, the dreaming, the thoughts that play... God is the Father of this continuing gift of surprise. Life is full of it, love seems to be marked by it, and Christ invented it! Christmas Eve night is the topper of all! It is so glorious and serene feeling. Sipping cider in wine glasses by out fire and letting mom and dad open all their gifts follows our 5 Star steak dinner. Cappy, our precious pup, helps in the unwrapping as he eagerly awaits the next paper to rip or box to grab. There is such simplicity and sweetness to this season. Yet all the tree, tea cups brimming, and tree trappings would not exist had it not been for my sin and my Savior. There is no Birthday party nor Going away party that beats that of Jesus Christ. We celebrate His birth, but we also remember His last supper with His disciples, illuminating the reasons behind the baby in a manager. He came to die that I might live. Oh the wonder of Christmas... the wonder of Him.

A supernatural wonderous joy flows from genuine hearts, and my family is no exception. I am so blessed with the family I call "mine". They are the greatest Christmas gift and yes, surprise. They continue to surprise me through the years, because the older I get the wiser I view them and love them for who they are, not for what they can do for me. The childness that Christmas evokes is healthy and beautiful. I love the traditions and memories that makes all my Christmas stories awe filled! The waffle smells tomorrow morning along side the crackling fire. The perfect set table with coffee mugs and matching plates. The Steve Greene Christmas album ringing loud on the surround sound as our alarm clock tomorrow morning. My brother and I will creep, fully awake, down the stairs just like we did when we were of crawling age, and be greeted with lights, music, and The Gifts! The couch is mine every year gift wrapped itself in presents, and Seth gets the chairs! It is marvelous. The element of surprise as to what is under the shiny and shimmery papers! The element that is in this eve as we await the morning. I love mornings, but Christmas tops them all. As all the wrapping paper paints the floor, gasps fill the room, and hugs mark and unopened gift.... my stunned heart cries every year!

My heart cries "HOLY"... "what am I that You would even let me share the spotlight, by giftings, in the season when this is ALL about You"! My heart cries grattitude and overwhelming humility. How could You love me to provide now but even more so provide over 2000 years ago? Muslims know no exaltation and wonderment. Buddahist speak none of joyful surprises found inside or paralyzing grattitude found outside such a Loving Active Savior. Christianity defines Christmas...declares Christ's reality....describes Life's meaning...depicts love and otherness....and demands attention. And it is the very attention of Christmas that is forcefully exiting people's minds. In certain parts, no carols, no "christmas" break, definitely no "merry christmas", no anything with CHRISTmas...Now, our Christmas is under scrutinzing eyes and unbelieving hearts. However, they will never be able to steal our memories, sabatoge our traditions, or silence The Truth of Christmas! Merry Christmas to all on this Eve..... Let His surprises come great and small! For Truly the greatest Surprise of all came in the Smallest package on an eve in Bethlehem...will we open (up to) Him this year?!


  1. Sarah Ott4:07 PM

    Did you know Jessica Smith at Samford? just curious. Her father is my friend and we keep up with Katherine on the caring bridge site and saw your coming to Hsv AL the Rock. His wife attends the Rock but just had a baby so can't attend the conference.
    Anyway, let us know if you knew Jessica. Thanks. Diane
    for Burns Smith

  2. I do know Jessica... I was a ZTA with her though a little older. I also know Robin Turner, who I believe you know too. What a big God and small world!