Sunday, December 11, 2005

Divine Simplicity

"The mundane little happenings in life mark it with Grace and Glory", has been recorded in my head but found more recently true of my heart! I find Him in the smallest or common overlook...and it fulfills voids that I did not know were present. Practicing His presence admist what others find expected, common, normal, or exactly the secret to never knowing a dull moment.

So..sit back, simmer down, and stew over the Simple: the smell of coffee brewing, a cup of that coffee by a fire, a world of color and changing temperatures, fabrics that all feel different, the ability to design a meal and the gift to eat it, old leather chairs that tell a story, lines in a freshly mowed lawn, chips and dip, vaccuming, slippers,home libraries, candel light in daytime, cheaper gas across the street, King sized comforter on a twin bed,rough skin turned soft with a miracle called chapstick, hardwood floors that echo footsteps of company, the meaning of having a true friend, clocks-they anticipate future fun, snooze button-it prolongs wearied waking, mom's voice, daddy's hug, answered prayer-even giving us our daily bread every day...He really does it, anything puppies-their feet, breath, run, scarfs, big ceral spoons and deep bowls, dishes in general, the perfectly sharpened pencil that never breaks, the first day of life and the last, people watching, the sound of wheels hitting a runway, fireworks, the way the muscles move on top of your hand, hot showers with a cold rinse, biscuits, an old mattress, good feta cheese, cold crisp apple, the first spoonful of peanut butter from a new jar, tummy laughter, chipmunks, handwritten letters, a good massage, blinking, sleeping in a cold house with a heating pad, oversized sweatshirts, the flip flop noise, the sound of typing, seat warmers,the ability to record the random, a new day, the reality that Life is more than the seen...the Extraordinare that we cannot see makes this life's "seeables" glorious....add more to this list as you take note of all that is around is endless, priceless, is all simplicity originating from divinity! Fix your hope on "God, who richly supplies us with ALL things to enjoy!" I Tim.6:17


  1. is all truly a gift.

  2. Sarah-
    I miss my SAO and I love that I can read and hear your heart from so far away. God is so amazing and His love and Grace never cease to amaze me. He has given Mark and I the Great Love and Respoonsibilty of working with the youth- this is what shows me that Gid has a great since of humor!! He is teaching us daily through each other, our church, and the youth. Praise the Lord for the younger generation (I remember when this was said about us!!). I love you and I miss you.

  3. Sarah
    Sounds like our things that make us smile list we thought about in B-ham =) i love you girl and its refreshing to hear your perspective and what the Lord is teaching you. I love you and miss our chats-hope to see you soon.
    Merry Christmas!!