Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Home Away from Home

From far east coast beaches to now the west coast, my schedule continues to remain full! I enjoy living life abundantly and am so blessed to do life with incredible people all over. It is a home away from home here. I love the lavish simplicities of our lifestyle here in LA. We have so much conversation, coffee, and community gatherings. This week we are doing a deep body detox, trying to enter the holidays on the leaner side! I loved eating my lentils, persian cucumbers and edamame mash for lunch today alongside of green white tea. I had a morning that enabled me to get an hour massage that was fantastic. So many toxins and build ups released!

I meet amazing people every time I come, hence my community out here is gaining in size! God orchestrates my steps and schedules in a way that blows my mind. Through these Godly new friends I found myself at a Beverly Hills salon/spa having health food and sharing Jesus stories on the white couch while facials were being had then at Models for Christ last night where there was an immediate knitting of hearts with many. There are fundraisers, banquets, coffee appointments, and play dates all still ahead as we enjoy John 10:10.

This little yellow cottage in which I stay truly is my home away from home. Hugs and Kisses still for Atlanta though! Grateful to the Lord for life and life abundantly.

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