Monday, September 20, 2010

Ode to Old

Today in cleaning out my garage, my car, and my room my heart too was cleansing. Old books. Old clothes and shoes. Old journals of tales past. Old napkins with nuggets written on them. Old heart breaks recorded in notebooks. Old recipes. Old magazines. Old memories. Old misery births new ones. In the midst of the old and the long past missing, I ached for the new. New memories. New journal entries. New hope. New nuggets. New strength. New hugs. New resolutions jotted down on post its. New friends. New love. New space. New outlook. New laughs. New adventures. New things. New tears of joy. New truth written on my heart. Maybe even New perspectives on old things even.

As Solomon says, "nothing is new under the sun". But as I know God, "everything is new in the Son". Thank you for that promise when all around me smells old. You usher in newness, Lord. "Do not recall the former things for they have past; behold I am doing something new!" Replace what has been lost. Repair what has been broken. Remind me of what You can and will do. Renew what my heart deep down knows as truth. Replenish what has been emptied.

Good bye Old. Hello New.

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