Saturday, October 10, 2009


Compelled to write, so that I will do. Rev 21:5 "WRITE, for these words are faithful and true". He has been faithful to me today and true to me anyway. I have no sensible title or logic at the moment, but I have compulsion and communication running through me stemming from circumstances today. Praise God we do not live by our circumstances though we are in them. Actually, we are not in them either, we are IN Christ. Maybe circumstances are more like windows rather than doors. Windows into NEEDING Him more and being found in Him deeper instead of opening up life to me. Circumstances do not open up or shut down anything... they simply give me a window into who I am in Him and who is in me. Freedom! So today despite circumstances, I live by compulsion not control. I live with convictions not complacency, I live in Christ not in my conscience, I live for communion with Him not for community with others first. Though community is important, it is a by product and a gift of true communion with Christ Jesus.

This is the Man who compels me and does so even now as I sense these words flowing from my fingertips presently:

I am not in control of what will be nor in contemplation of what was once. I am in comfort for WHO is. He is. He is what is all to me. JESUS. I am comforted that YOUR ARE the Mark, the journey, and the bumps in between. Oh! You walk with me through fire in life, ice of heart, and rain in seasons. You walk with me, with Your Rod and Staff, YOU comfort and conform me anyway. Thank You that YOU ARE is not a game. YOU ARE not an imagination. YOU ARE not a religion. YOU ARE not an easily labeled, formulaic law that is defined simply as a disposable addition or subtraction to Life... Jesus. You are Life. Thank You that You are incorruptible when all else corrupts. Thank You that You cleanse where dirt is present. Thank You that create where the black hole is... out of nothing You bring everything into existence under submission. Thank You that You clarify what is murky and You change what is incorrect. You claim back what the enemy meant to steal, kill, and destroy. You cut chains of bondage making them bracelets of freedom. You work. You move. You heal. You speak. You lead. You live. You give. You remove. You. You. You. I believe YOU ARE. YOU ARE more than enough for me.

YOU ARE in my circumstances though not defined by them. You give and remove though You are beyond that transaction. For You ARE, simply is period. I behold You. YOU ARE the I AM beholding ME TOO. I love You.

My heart is full... my music is on... so Truth floods in. I was compelled to write...but even more so driven to believe that HE IS the I AM that YOU ARE needing and that I AM loving.... Thanks for reading the entry... though this was more for me than any. I love and need Jesus Christ with every ounce in each circumstance as I cling tight and caravan forward to His face as my Mark.

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