Monday, January 24, 2011

Surprising Sanctification

God uses the most unexpected things to carve His image into this piece of stone, to mirror the image of Him in the mirror in front of me. Tests, Trials, Tears, and Triumphs all mar and mold us into different images. Oh to be more like the image or reflection of Christ! To those who long to be sanctified, He will instigate that process with no assistance from us. He longs for us to be transformed from Glory to Glory as mentioned in II Cor. To behold as in a mirror the glory of our Lord in us! Wow. Do not assume how that sanctification will be packaged. It comes in all sizes and shapes. It could be in Atlanta Traffic, awful break ups, amazing job promotions, or altering friendships. Sanctification, when originated by Him, has a way of purging us inside and pressing Him outside. More of Him, less of me. So today when viewing your face in the mirror, may we thank Him for surprising sanctifying circumstances as it leads to more of His image in the mirror starring back at you. To God be all the Glory!

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