Thursday, June 09, 2011

Part the Waters

The dark night can last longer than we would like. However it is in the dark of night that our Lord works in might. Exodus 14 describes a bleak evening of tension, wonderings, and questions as the Israelites camped out at the base of a raging walled Red Sea. They had His promise that “surely you will see the salvation of the Lord accomplish this for you” and that “ while you remain silent He fights for you” but they also had the tangible loud crashing wavy sea ahead of them too. It is the temptation to doubt the activity of our God in the dark night when all we see is the waters, undivided, that tears our faith away from His secure promises. But in this same passage beneath these promises we see that God worked all through the night, parting the waters, as they slept on the shore. He works when we cannot see, feel, touch, or prove it to be so. Our God is never passive or inactive! With out stretched arms, willing to save and work, He parts the waters in our own lives to this day. Cling to the promises of the Water Parting Lord. Truly, He has been working behind the scenes and stirring beneath the waters. Daughter, “do not fear, stand by and see the salvation of the Lord which He will accomplish for you this day”, regardless of how dark your night has been. Ex.14:13-21

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