Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Rest of Him

The Lord actually gives both, resting and working places. He ordains these seasons or streams in our life so divinely. He took me to LA, out of ATL, to rest not work. From afar it resembles just more activity and busyness but there is a difference. It is more fullness than busyness and resting than working out here. My heart enjoys the silence in the room and the smells of this home. My mind steals away unto Him out here different to that of "home". Jesus' yoke is easy and burden is light, inviting all to come for rest. Oh I come, I come indeed for rest and receive it abundantly. To all the working places ahead, He will accomplish what concerns me. For now, in every way, there is a solace and unapologetic sweetness to the rest that beckons me. Sometimes rest looks like a white sheeted bed waiting to be curled up in other times rest resembles effortless conversation that knits the hearts and keeps the spirit awake. Rest has many faces but above all it has the calming tensionless face of Christ attached to it. I love His rest. The Rest of Him! I am currently tired so these are mental ramblings from one that is about to literally rest on this plush white couch, before the dinner hour... but thought I would share.

Matt 11

Come to Me- please just come. Stop, step, and sit into Me. Come right now. You are weary, tired, heavy, weighted, burdened, busied, tension filled, and tried. I know you are all those things but I also know that I can pacify them. I am Rest. I am waiting for you.... to relieve you, shouldered one. Come and I will give you, freely, REST that you cannot discover or conjure up on your own. Receieve Me, Take my weight upon you... lets exchange! Let me Mantle you, nothing else, just me. My yoke on you.. which lifts you not presses you. Learn from me as this exchange happens...You will learn of gentleness and humility as I exchange you for Me. I want you to be quiet hearted and gentle minded.... let the pounds of the world just melt as you take Me in and on. Oh there is rest indeed for your will, emotions, mind, spirit, body, heart, and life pace. This is easy, really, very simple actually. Your load is no longer your load.... for your "load" is now known as mine. It is light. You are lightened. Rest now.

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